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Replace spreadsheets in your data stack with our no-code cloud platform for data entry and modeling. Konstrukt is the must-have tool for any data professional!

What is Konstrukt?

Spreadsheets on steroids?

The lovechild of Excel and SQL?

Airtable for data stacks?

Self-service Anaplan?

However you describe it, it's something new...

Companies should be data driven and there are great tools out there to support the analytics, reporting and visualization needed. But why do planning, simulation and data governance always end up in spreadsheets? We're on a mission to fix that!
Anders Bergek, Founder of Konstrukt
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  • Business & Financial Planning
    Use Konstrukt for processes like Budget & Forecasting, Cashflow & Investments and other types of Business Planning.
  • Master Data Management
    Master Data Management and Data Governance is key for any data driven organisation. Leverage Konstrukt to complement data from source systems and as an easy to use interface for your colleagues to clean up data when needed.  
  • Pricing Simulations
    Complex pricing simulations quickly press a spreadsheet to it's limit. Konstrukt won't even break a sweat, trust us!
  • Sales & Operations Planning
    Integrated planning for Sales & Operations are among the most difficult data focused planning challenges for any business. Can a self service tool like Konstrukt really manage that - of course!
  • Calculation models
    No matter if it's complex projects, real estate investments or a quote calculation - Konstrukt's powerful engine makes it easy to provide a simple way to get rid of all those spreadsheets your colleagues are using. And you get all the data!
  • Project Budget & Forecasts
    Letting a project derail is the biggest threat to profitability in any business. Help your colleagues keep track of their finances with a process in Konstrukt.
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