What is Konstrukt?

Our no-code cloud platform leverages the familiar concepts from your data environment and will have you up and running in no time, whatever your need!

Konstrukt can add value to your data stack in multiple ways. Use it side by side with your analytics tools to provide an interface for end users to enter, review or approve data in processes like financial budget, forecast, sales planning, etc.

Data in Konstrukt is structured as dimensions and facts (we call them Valuetypes) which makes it really easy to push data from your data warehouse to Konstrukt, e g sync dimension tables or provide suggestions or reference data for a planning process. Konstrukt also comes with some really nifty integration features, so no special connectors or messy scripting is needed.

Getting the data out from Konstrukt is just as simple. It's already structured the way you want it, and we provide SQL access and predefined queries, which any ELT/ETL tool can consume. 

Added together, this means you can get rid of all those spreadsheets floating around and messing up your data flows.
How to Konstrukt?
Create your data model
Define your dimensions with whatever properties you need. Then just add whatever sets of data you want (psst, we call that Valuetypes). 
Set up some apps
For users to view or edit data, just set up some apps with a lot of sexy pivot tables. 
Add some logic
Now the fun begins. Our calculation engine allows you to set rules that will apply to the data in real time (imagine the lovechild of spreadsheet formulas and ETL scripts in SQL). 
Share with colleagues
Just set your accesses (use whatever dimension you want) and start inviting colleagues to help you input stuff.
Automate integrations
We provide simple tools to quickly automate data imports to Konstrukt. And getting the finished data out is just as easy.
What should you Konstrukt?
Don't let the simple concept and easy-to-use interface fool you - Konstrukt is a REALLY powerful tool.
  • Business & Financial Planning
    Use Konstrukt for processes like Budget & Forecasting, Cashflow & Investments and other types of Business Planning.
  • Master Data Management
    Master Data Management and Data Governance is key for any data driven organisation. Leverage Konstrukt to complement data from source systems and as an easy to use interface for your colleagues to clean up data when needed.  
  • Pricing Simulations
    Complex pricing simulations quickly press a spreadsheet to it's limit. Konstrukt won't even break a sweat, trust us!
  • Sales & Operations Planning
    Integrated planning for Sales & Operations are among the most difficult data focused planning challenges for any business. Can a self service tool like Konstrukt really manage that - of course!
  • Calculation models
    No matter if it's complex projects, real estate investments or a quote calculation - Konstrukt's powerful engine makes it easy to provide a simple way to get rid of all those spreadsheets your colleagues are using. And you get all the data!
  • Project Budget & Forecasts
    Letting a project derail is the biggest threat to profitability in any business. Help your colleagues keep track of their finances with a process in Konstrukt.
What would you Konstrukt?
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* There's no such thing as a free lunch and we're a business, so of course we need to make money at some point. You will be limited to two users (you and a colleague) and the amount of data is also limited. More details are provided when you sign up, but rest assured that you can to use Konstrukt for real work without paying. But be quick, you never know when we start charging all users. ;-)