The origin of Konstrukt
And our quest to save the world from spreadsheets
With a heavy burden of guilt, after creating to many spreadsheets in his work as a BI consultant, our founder Anders set out to realize his vision for a better tool. He couldn't do it alone though, and enlisted the help of the steam engine Johan who would stop at nothing to get the work needed done. Together, they set off on a quest to rid the world of messy spreadsheets.

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The Entrepreneurs
The driving forces behind the company and product
  • Anders Bergek
    CEO & Head of Product
    Enthusiastic visionary, strong technical knowledge and background in Business Intelligence. Strong analytical and strategical thinker with an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge.
  • Johan Larsson
    Head of Operations

    Relentless doer with a love for creating and maintaining scalable business processes.

    Wishes he didn’t have to sleep and will work 24/7 to keep customers happy.

  • Rory Kingan
    Head of Technology

    Exile kiwi and experienced SaaS entrepreneur. Pragmatic and progress focused diplomat with excellent leadership skills, able to bridge any gap between people and technology.

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